invitation to participate in a PhD dissertation survey on requirements engineering practices in open source software development

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Fri Aug 22 05:37:18 UTC 2014

Hi Sir,
         My name is jaison kuriakose and I am a PhD student in information
systems in memorial university, Canada. As part of my PhD dissertation, I am
conducting a survey study on requirements engineering practices in open source
software development under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Parsons. Below are
the details about the study. If possible, please consider participating. Thank

Invitation message for participation in survey

Dear sir/madam,
You are invited to participate in a survey titled "requirements engineering
practices used in the development of open source software projects". This
survey is part of a PhD dissertation study on requirements gathering in open
source software development.
This survey contains questions about which requirements engineering practices
are being used during open source software development, how useful requirements
engineering practices are for open source software development and the problems
and issues that may arise while carrying out requirements gathering activities
during open source software development. The survey would take around twenty
minutes to complete. The questions are not mandatory. If you are interested in
participating in this survey, please fill out the survey by clicking on the
link below:
Researcher information: My name is Jaison Kuriakose and I am a PhD candidate at
memorial university, Canada. My contact email is jk5573 at
The proposal for this research has been reviewed by the Interdisciplinary
Committee on Ethics in Human Research and found to be in compliance with
Memorial University's ethics policy. If you have ethical concerns about the
research, such as the way you have been treated or your rights as a
participant, you may contact the Chairperson of the ICEHR at icehr at or by
telephone at 709-864-2861.
Thank you
Jaison Kuriakose
PhD candidate in Information systems
Memorial University, Canada

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