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B. Henry burt1iband at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 20:16:38 UTC 2014

That's right, everyone knows this. 
You can find a post on the vinux list regarding how to install ubuntu-server with speech.
It's been reposted a few times, starting maybe a year and a bit ago.
server's do not have graphical interfaces traditionally, and if one is installed it's usually something very light weight.
Do you want to run a server?
You can install Vinux, or standard Ubuntu and remove non-serverish packages you won't be wanting. 
There is no major difference between server and desktop as before, i.e. Ubulntu is using the same kernel for both now 
unless my memory is failing badly.
So, most applications you run on a server will not work well with orca even if you install a graphical desktop. 
Server-users who need speech use speakup.
We work on the commandline. 
There are certainly many cross-over usage cases where one is mostly running a server, but will want some desktop type apps 
available, and others where one is mostly running a desktop OS with some server software running on it.
I've run both Ubuntu and Debian servers with some non-traditional for servers software on them. 
YOu need to learn about speakup, the console screenreader. It's very stable and snappy, quite simple, but does a great job 
with most commandline programs. 
I am using the Mutt email client with speakup to write this message, have a media stream play8ing with mplayer in another 
console, and have a search going on using surfraw with the Lynx web-browser. Oh, and I also have a VOIP applicationcalled 
linphone running in yet another console for making and receiving phone calls. I do most of my system administration and 
configuration with commandline programs. 
I use Orca for firefox, wireshark once in a while, mumble, mangler, (for ventrilo), teamtalk, and libreoffice writer to 
name some of the GUI programs regularly started here.
There are some nice programs for the commandline that have menus, i.e. one is not always just typing command names.

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 01:42:45PM -0400, chad baker wrote:
> hi i just grabbed ubuntu server 14.04 and orca isn’t on it
> i tried ctrl plus s with no luck
> thanks
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