will the Dash be accessible for Orca in Trusty?

Rob Whyte fudge at thefudge.net
Mon Aug 11 21:40:47 UTC 2014

I believe there is a race condition preventing Orca from reading this
A bit of playing with the flat review will sometimes get it accessible.
I am aware that Luke has been trying to track the problem down but not
sure if there has been any progress.
Is Luke the only one working on accessibility on this mailing list?


On 11/08/14 22:16, Milton wrote:
> I'm helping sighted people with using Ubuntu and Unity so it will be
> of great help if the Dash is accessible with Orca for me. for the
> record, I'm using speech only.
> Milton
> Op 11-08-14 om 10:55 schreef Krishnakant Mane:
>> Making dash accessible should not be a hard work if it is not done so
>> far.
>> Happy hacking.
>> Krishnakant.
>> On Monday 11 August 2014 02:24 PM, Milton wrote:
>>> Hi developers,
>>> Can you tell me if the Dash will be accessible with Orca in Trusty in
>>> the near future? It is good to know if this will hapen or maybe for
>>> the next LTS version? Thanks for your hard work.
>>> Milton

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