trouble with 14.04

Rob Whyte fudge at
Fri Apr 18 00:51:52 UTC 2014

The Super ALT S is a global keybind for Lightdm Unity or the Gnome variants.
The bug fixes were mainly targetted at the Unity interface, Gnome is
quite polished already.
There are expected differences but with some Googling or maybe wiki
sharing over this list or a wiki usually it is common to be able to
restore an expected function.


On 18/04/14 10:26, Robert Cole wrote:
> Rob,
> Is this in context of the Unity version of the GNOME version of
> Ubuntu? I downloaded the Unity ISOs this afternoon, but I have not
> gotten to work with them yet in a working environment.
> On 04/17/2014 04:53 PM, Rob Whyte wrote:
>> Hi Chad,
>> It is accessible.
>> Are you aware that super alt S starts Orca at the Lightdm login screen?
>> I do not think that the drum sound defaults to being enabled.
>> There has been quite a lot of bug fixing worked on for accessibility.
>> I hope once you get your system up and running you find the overall
>> experience a good one.
>> Good luck
>> Rob
>> On 18/04/14 07:29, chad baker wrote:
>>> hi i just grabbed 14.04
>>> it restarted after the installation and not getting orca or the
>>> login drum
>>> also during the installation orca red no contents of what was being
>>> installed
>>> i’m guessing its not accessible
>>> thanks

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