Anyway possible using Svox Classic TTS engine with Ubuntu?

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Fri May 10 13:13:19 UTC 2013

According to Fernando Botelho:
# Well, since Voxin is no longer for sale, this might be a good time for
# us to get started on improving espeak in Spanish.

Googling and looking on the website, I don't think it's no longer for
sale, but it's so badly outdated, and takes so much ancient code to run,
that it might as well be no longer for sale. It will only get harder and
harder to run Voxin as hardware and software become newer. It's like
putting that old floppy drive in new computer after new computer until
it eventually no longer fits, even with adaptors. Eventually, if you
still want to use your old floppy collection, you will need to move the
files to something like a flash drive or purchase a USB floppy drive.
Voxin is much the same, in that eventually people who are currently
making it work will need to improve the more maintained bits of code
such as eSpeak, because eventually, all the adapted and ancient
libraries in the world won't make it work. The website indicates that it
just uses an old C++ library, but there's no way that old library will
work in the future, as it's already well over 10 years old. Eventually
it will become incompatible with the entire system bit by bit. I said
all that to say that Voxin may still be for sale, but it's much more
profitable for the community to work to improve eSpeak, SVox Pico,
Festival, Flite or any of the other freedom synthesizers available with
source code that can be freely modified and improved than it will ever
be to keep trying and trying to make Voxin or any other packaged version
of this speech synthesizer run just a little longer.
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