Anyway possible using Svox Classic TTS engine with Ubuntu?

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What about using the libpicotts voices since I believe they are the same as the svox voices on android?
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W dniu 2013-05-07 14:28, Kyle napisał(a):

> Android voices should be even easier than SAPI voices to make work 
> with speech-dispatcher, since x86 builds of Android are now available, 
> and the voices need to be built for it, making them one step closer to 
> x86-based desktop Linux.

Question is: are the Android voices compiled for x86 or only for ARM?
Also there may be licensing problem: some of Ivona voices for Android are currently free, but not Windows versions :( And price of Android and Windows versions are different.
I asked Ivona support about Windows voice installation on Linux - there is no licensing problem, if I pay for the voice I can use it even on washing machine :)

With SAPI all software is ready for x86 architecture, so in theory all voices should work. But I found one problem:
I have working SAPI voice server (idea was taken from open-sapi project, but code is completely different), client libraries and experimental speech-dispatcher module. I tested it with Acapella (demo
only) and Ivona (demo and registered) voices and all works perfectly. As there is no hungarian voice in Ivona or Acapella, I found one hungarian voice (Nuance Vocalizer) in theory compatible with SAPI5.
But after instalation SAPI on Wine was broken - not possible to create COM object. Reinstalling SAPI does not fully solve this problem - SAPI works, but does not see hungarian voice. As I'm not familiar with Windows programming - I can't find working solution.

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