Anyway possible using Svox Classic TTS engine with Ubuntu?

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue May 7 12:28:46 UTC 2013

According to Fernando Botelho:
# Someone with experience adapting voices for use with Orca/speech
# dispatcher is:
# Bohdan R. Rau
# ethanak at
# He was working on adapting SAPI voices for use in Linux through Wine.
# Maybe his experience would help with this.

Android voices should be even easier than SAPI voices to make work with
speech-dispatcher, since x86 builds of Android are now available, and
the voices need to be built for it, making them one step closer to
x86-based desktop Linux. The main issue is going to be convincing the
developers of such voices that many of us would be interested in
purchasing them for a desktop Linux operating system, which would go a
long way toward resolving any remaining incompatibilities and also would
avoid licensing problems that could arise from running a voice on
something other than the intended platform. Only the speech-dispatcher
module would need to be figured out at that point. Of course the voices
would need to be built for x86_64 as well, but in most cases this
shouldn't cause significant problems.
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