Anyway possible using Svox Classic TTS engine with Ubuntu?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Tue May 7 06:21:10 UTC 2013


With Android awailable the Svox Classic TTS engine, this TTS have
natural sound persons I think with 24 languages, hungarian language is
awailable this engine.
With Ubuntu repositoryes I think only the Svox Pico TTS awailable.
Possible using the Svox Classic text to speech engine anyway an Ubuntu
system? I no, the Svox Classic voices are commercial voices.
Other high quality text to speech engines in Linux not supporting yet
hungarian language, and the Mbrola hungarian voice unfortunately not
enough good.
For example the Google Translator hungarian voice is very impressive,
but I don't no what TTS using Google when spokening hungarian language
Svox Classic text to speech engine link is following:

Some Pocket Book ebook reader devices supporting hungarian language text
to speech, but I don't no what TTS engine builtin this devices. Link is


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