Latest Ubuntu?

Lenny gervin at
Tue Jul 30 04:29:47 UTC 2013

I have heard of a Gnome remix, presumably on the latest Ubuntu?
Or is the stock version of the latest Ubuntu the most accessible?
I just put together a dead laptop with Vista Business on it, and I left 20 
GB of unallocated space on the HD for Ubuntu.
I'm most familiar with Gnome, but if Unity or whatever is just as 
accessible, then I'll be okay with that.
I just don't want to deal with struggling with the accessibility part.
I will be using Orca with Voxin.
Since I have a new setup, I don't want to drop back to an older Ubuntu 
unless accessibility is a problem.
I may try a VM install of the windows in the Ubuntu.
Thanks for any thoughts.

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