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Milton milton at tomaatnet.nl
Thu Jul 11 19:21:59 UTC 2013

Did you install the 2 compiz packages from the terminal?
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  I'm a partially sighted person and  i use cpmpiz fusion. But this system don't work very well with Orca.

  I installed the packages : 
  - compizconfig-setting-manger

  - compiz-fusion

  - gnome-session-fallback

  My configuration :

  Ubntu 12.04 + gnome session fallback + compiz enhanced Zoom (super+button4 Zoom in / super+button5 Zoom out)

  Your are two choices :

  - for low vision with orca + compiz (work partially)

  - for blind : gnome-session + no effect  (without compiz)


  2013/7/11 Milton <milton at tomaatnet.nl>

    I use Ubuntu 12.04 Unity 2D with Orca 3.4.2. For a friend with low vision a question: can he use a magnify app in Ubuntu? The settings he could do in Universal Access are far from enough. Thanks.

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