Ubuntu 13.10: in GNOME Terminal the F10 menu activation key combination not work

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Sat Dec 7 08:28:56 UTC 2013


I think I possible founding what the real problem, very crazy if this is 
real true:
If unity-gtk3-module and unity-gtk2-module installed a system (this is 
the case with basic installation), and the actual session is not Unity, 
the F10 key press blocking the proper module for example with following 
gnome-terminal, Pidgin, Totem.
I don't no what other applications are affected, I found this 
applications already this issue.

I removed this two packages with sudo apt-get purge unity-gtk3-module 
unity-gtk2-module command my Ubuntu 14.04 testing environment.
After the packages removed and I logout and log in again, the F10 key 
press again presenting main menu with gnome-terminal, Totem, Pidgin 
A productive system environment I not suggesting this change.

I added this testresult with following bugreport:


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