Alan Bell alanbell at
Wed Sep 19 14:07:44 UTC 2012

hello, yes I have had problems with 12.10 in virtualbox for sound,

it is possible to get to the pulse audio dialog and change the device to 
one of the two LFE devices, I can try it again later and provide the 
exact key sequence to do so. I didn't tag that bug as an a11y bug 
because it is an "audio totally broken for everyone" bug rather than 
orca specific issue even though it does mean that Quantal is basically 
untestable in virtualbox for blind users. It does boot OK when testing 
on real hardware and you get the drums and ctrl+s starts orca as normal. 
Ubiquity has changed a bit but I can get all the way through it without 
cheating and turning my monitor on, I will do a full keystroke guide and 
audio/video at some point pre-release.


On 19/09/12 13:54, Peter Vágner wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit as the main OS. I have installed 
> virtual box using software centre and checked all the additions during 
> setup e.g. 32 bit kernel support and network ethernet driver.
> At the end of a virtualbox install I have just rebooted the machine to 
> make sure everything is in its place.
> Then after the boot I have createda new machine in the virtualbox and 
> I am currently trying to boot a daily live 32 bit image of ubuntu 
> 12:10 inside it.
> The virtual machine launches I am even getting informative messages 
> regarding direct mouse and keyboard capture but I am not getting that 
> usual drum sounds coming from the guest OS.
> Is my install of virtualbox screwed or ubuntu 12.10 has changed 
> something in this regard?
> I have also waited some 10 minutes in case and pressed ctrl+s without 
> any audible difference.
> In the virtual machine settings window I have audio turned on and set 
> to pulse.
> Any possible hints?
> Is anyone running 12.04 in virtualbox with sound output?
> oh btw on the host OS I can see vbox channel while looking into the 
> pulseaudio volume control.
> Greetings
> Peter

I work at

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