installing 2012.10

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Wed Oct 31 22:29:03 UTC 2012

I'm definitely glad you got 12.04 back up and running. So far, it's the 
best Ubuntu for accessibility, unless you want/need the latest GNOME and 
plan to use it mostly unmodified.

Sonar versions of 12.10 are currently still in the works. I was 
referring to the fact that you should be able to take the Sonar of your 
choice based on 12.04 and update to something very close to what Sonar 
would be if based on 12.10. However, if you decide to run Sonar, I 
should note here that versions based on 12.10 should be available in 
less than a month. Versions are being made based on Ubuntu with and 
without gnome-shell and also based on Lubuntu for light-weight systems, 
or if you just want a system that runs extremely fast, even if it 
doesn't have the very latest hardware.

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