Initial Finding Re: Quantal GNOME Shell Remix

Dave Hunt ka1cey at
Tue Oct 2 22:35:31 UTC 2012


I installed this remix to a flash drive; the live system booted with no 
errors.  Access to the shell seems improved over shell access in 
Precise.  The included GNumeric, Abiword, and Evolution are not 
accessible.  Epiphany browser (included instead of Firefox) seems to 
work and be accessible, though I didn't try many sites.  Access to the 
GNOME terminal is sufficient.  Given all this, I attempted an 
installation to my hard drive.  The installer's initial screen is 
accessible, but once I hit the 'continue' button, the installer is no 
longer accessible.  I looked in the terminal and saw, for each line of 
what would be the dialogue where installer talks about proprietary 
software and prompts for whether to install this, a message "toolkit 
does not exist" follows.  Maybe I'll try this again on Quantal's release 



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