In Nautilus file browser if the user want renaming a file, creating new document and folder the edit box isn't marking editable

Hammer Attila hammera at
Wed May 23 07:42:22 UTC 2012


In Nautilus 3.4 version if an Onboard or Orca user want renaming a file, 
creating a folder or a new document, the presenting edit box isn't 
marked editable.
Possible writing the new value, but A11y applications doesn't possible 
detecting the change. In Orca for example the user doesn't possible to 
get screen reader output when want deleting a character.
The problem is following with wrote the original reporter:
The AtspiAccessible associated with this widget apparently isn't marked 
editable, i.e. accessible.state_set doesn't contain ATSPI_STATE_EDITABLE.
It would be great if this could be corrected. Other osks may be affected 
This is the original bug report for Onboard:

This issue is reported with 2012. March 20th. If GNOME developers not 
fixing this issue with Nautilus 3.4.3 version, Ubuntu level possible 
fixing this issue? Accessible rename, folder and document creation is an 
important function.
Upstream report link is following:

To happening a possible fix with Ubuntu level if GNOME developers not 
fixing this issue in Nautilus 3.4.3, need doing a bugreport?


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