metacity folder and alt short keystrokes

Hammer Attila hammera at
Wed May 23 07:31:10 UTC 2012

Not gsettings-data-convert service generating some time not right 
converted data during the conversion when converting Metacity related 
Why happening lot of type mismatch this situation with more old metacity 
keybinding gconf keys?
Example output if I run gnome-control-center keyboard command in terminal:
GConf Error: Type mismatch: Expected `string' got `list' for key 

What the proper component to report this issue?
Oldest time I reported this issue under with Metacity 
related, and now reported in Bugzilla after I readed Milton letter with 
dconf component with following report:

In Bugzilla the latest not master version of dconf component is 0.12, 
but in Ubuntu 12.04 packaged with 0.5.1-2 version.


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