how to get more applications in the launchbar?

Peter Vágner pvdeejay at
Tue May 15 09:54:11 UTC 2012

Is there a way for us using orca to rearrange icons on the launch bar?
Because apps added using this method are ussually  added to the bottom.

if the only option available for now is to delete all icons and then add 
them in the order I would like to have then that's just a time consuming 



Dňa 14.5.2012 20:47, Milton  napísal:
> Hi José,
> Many, many thanks!
> Milton
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>> Hi.
>> You can try the following:
>> 1. Launch the application that you want get in launchbar.
>> 2. Go to the launchbar pressing alt+f1.
>> 3. Press the down arro until you find the application launched in the
>> step 1.
>> 4. Press right arrow at least two times. Two times is important, one
>> time doesn't work and I don't know why.
>> 5. Press down arrow until you hear something like lock to launcher.
>> 6. Press the enter key.
>> - From now one the application will be present in the lanchbar even if
>> the application is not active.
>> You can use similar  procedure to remove an application from the
>> launchbar.
>> On 05/14/2012 01:51 PM, Milton wrote:
>>> Hi all, I use Ubuntu Precise Unity 2D with Orca 3.4.1. With Alt_F1
>>> I go to the launchbar and with arrow-down to the applications
>>> listed. With twice arrow-right a sub menu opens and I can delete an
>>> application from the launchbar. With the super key I go the Dash
>>> and find all applications. A sighted person can drag an appkication
>>> to the launchbar. Shift_F10 is not working to get the sub menu for
>>> to find the option to let an application present in the launchbar.
>>> Is there a way to do so? Milton
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