Keybindings completely gone

José Vilmar Estácio de Souza vilmar at
Wed May 9 18:18:56 UTC 2012

Hi Tony.
I had a similar problem but it was solved removing the folloing folder:

It is present in your home directory.

I think that you need reboot the system after remove the folder.

Probably a good idea is to do a backup of the folder before the remove.

On 05/09/2012 02:24 PM, Tony Bernedal wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I tried gnome classic and after a while I dicided to go back to unity 2d.
> After going back all keybindings are totaly gone.
> I have on my laptop a running version of ubuntu with unity 2d so my question is, where is the keybindings stored and can I copy them over to my desktop and get all back again?
> Regards Tony
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