Issues with the keys

Milton milton at
Sun May 6 10:35:19 UTC 2012

I have similar problems in Unity 2D with Orca 3.4.1. Sometimes 
control_alt_rightarrow to go to the second worksheet will not work.
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Subject: Issues with the keys

> Hi all,
> I noticed the following issue after a while when working on the ubuntu 
> 12.04 release.
> In Unity 2d and orca 3.4.1 and i also guess on orca 3.4.0.
> After working with the system a while the system starts doing weird things 
> with the keyboard. the alt key stops working like key combinations like 
> alt+f4 stop to work and all other alt combinations. the alt key to open 
> the HUD seems to continue to act as normal.
> Then the next step often is that orca looses its orca modifier key and 
> then you have just the chance to partly fix that by restarting the 
> machine.
> Wonder if someone has the same problem and has a fix for that?
> greetings,
> simon
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