Unity-3D and accessibility

Nadine Ledwig nadine.ledwig at googlemail.com
Fri May 4 15:39:09 UTC 2012


I'm highly sight impaired,  and the last two years, I was used to  use 
ubuntu 10.4 with orca and the compiz plugins eZoom-Desktop  and 

Now, i installed ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop and I've some problems.
In unity-2d, dash and louncher works well, but i can not  zoom and 
invert colors.  Without that two features,  it is hard to use my 
computer for me.
In unity-3d, i configured that two plugins and it works well. But, dash, 
louncher, and the alt+tab task switcher  are not spoken by orca and not 
zoomed. That means, they are nearly unusable  for me.
I can only open the dash, starting to type and press enter, and hope the 
right application will start.

Is there an aditional package to make unity-3d accessible for orca? Or 
is it possible to use unity-2d in conjunction with compiz?

Hope for help,

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