orca immediately quitting in login screen.

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Fri May 4 15:16:58 UTC 2012


Not full sure this, but I experienced this problem first with Orca 
3.4.0, so I think this
problem is independent the proposed update.
I reported this issue with following report since april 2th:

Unfortunately Orca debug.out file not showing any interesting 
informations with help determining why happening this problem.

I not known few informations:
1. When Orca exiting in Unity greeter, still checked the screen reader 
support in A11y related indicator menu?
2. When this problem are happening, temporary doesn't changing the 
LightDm user screen reader related GSettings key value?
I think this is not happening, because if I logging in without screen 
reader support and log out, Orca launching fine without I need press 
CTRL+S keystroke.


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