Oneirc unity-2ed question

Tom Masterson kd7cyu at
Thu Mar 29 21:33:43 UTC 2012

Thanks Luke.  There is a slide switch on the side of the computer that I 
didn't even know was there that got moved at some point.

FYI it did not appear to turn off bluetooth but I didn't have anything 
connected that way so I can't verify that.


On Fri, 30 Mar 2012, Luke Yelavich wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 07:25:39AM EST, Tom Masterson wrote:
>> For some reason my computer has decided to turn on airplane mode and
>> not let me turn it off.  I go to the system panel, select network,
>> turjn off airplane mode, press all settings and when I look again
>> airplane mode is back on.  In theory if I read correctly I should be
>> able to show this in the network menu but I can't find any place to
>> do that.  Also it doesn't find any of the wireless in the area
>> including my own.
> First, are you on a laptop? If so, you may have accidentally turned off all radios either with a switch, or with a shortcut key. If a shortcut key, you need to press it again to turn things back on. I don't know what shortcut key that would be, since all machines are different.
> Have you checked the options in the network menu, enabling wireless networking, and networking etc? Have you also checked to see if bluetooth is turned on from the bluetooth menu?
> Luke
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