[orca-list] Problems with Orca and pidgin...seems to be an at-spi2-core issue

Guy Schlosser guyster104 at att.net
Sun Mar 25 22:35:20 UTC 2012

Hi Jakob, yes, I can confirm the issue with pidgin as far as speech 
goes.  Whenever I press enter after typing in a message, orca does not 
read it.  The other thing I've noticed, is that some times I cannot see 
new messages from others, until I've already started typing again.  I am 
however, happy to see the other accessibility bugs worked out.  Hud is 
working in Unity 2d, and for the most part, I'm able to use skype.  I'm 
a happy user/tester, and can't wait to recommend Ubuntu Precise to my 
friends and family using Ubuntu, after final release.  Hopefully the 
pidgin bug can be ironed out before final release, or shortly after as 
perhaps a service update.

Loving the progress,


On 03/25/2012 03:30 PM, Jakob Herrmann wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi,
> as I told yesterday, many accessibility issues have been fixed with
> the recent update of Orca and related components, i.e. according to
> Firefox. The only problem I am facing now so far: i m not able to chat
> with Pidgin any more (without using flat review or chat history to
> view messages, of course). Incoming messages are neither read via tts
> nore displayed on braille. It works again when I restart orca,
> however, restarting orca makes braille output stop completely in X on
> my system (=another quite old issue to be checked later), so this is
> currently no solution for me. Can somebody confirm this? Pidgin works
> without trouble again when I downgrade at-spi2-core to stable, which
> restores some of the bugs fixed in the latest git branch, however.
> Cheers,
> Jakob

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