QT At-spi rolenames possible localizing before final Ubuntu 12.04 release?

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Mon Mar 12 09:29:53 UTC 2012


Since rolename refactor happened in Orca side, Orca determining 
rolenames from At-Spi and atk.
Of course this is absolute not matter, because not need own rolename 
translations with Orca side and not need redundant codes, atk already 
have translatable rolename strings.
If Atk developers add new rolenames, enough translate one place the new 
rolename string, and Orca will be known the new rolename.

Unfortunately with Ubuntu awailable qt-at-spi package the rolenames are 
passed Orca with english strings (check boxes, push buttons, edit boxes, 
etc), so the screen reader output is a mixed partialy translated output 
with non english languages.
A typical example is a check box, Non english language visual impaired 
user hear english role type (check box), and the label and state hear 
he's own language, I verified this with Skype.
In Unity 2d the situation is similar. Non english language visual 
impaired user hear own language a rolename label, and hear the role type 
with english.

In Launchpad.net the translation strings are not awailable for qt-at-spi 
package yet, I don't no upstream project already supporting the 
localization or not:

Have a chance to this problem are possible resolving before final Ubuntu 
12.04 release, and translators have enough time making the translations 
for qt-at-spi package to both two environment visual impaired users hear 
equals rolename related informations, or this task will be happening 
next development release?
If this task not fit the remaining Ubuntu 12.04 development cicle, 
future possible resolving this problem with an update with a maintenance 
release (12.04.1, 12.04.2, etc)?


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