keyboard shortcuts in unity 2d

Guy Schlosser guyster104 at
Wed Mar 7 23:04:44 UTC 2012

Hi all, since we're on the topic of broken accessibility during the 
beta, I would like to bring up a couple regressions that I've noticed 
during my testing.  I am running Unity 2d on a fully up-to-date laptop 
as of 5:30 PM today.  Whenever I use alt+space to access the system menu 
(for minimizing, maximizing, etc.), this menu does not appear, leaving 
no ability to minimize windows.  Along this same line, alt+f4 does not 
work for closing them, but fortunately, I'm able to work around this 
with ctrl+q.  Lastly, alt+tab is not working to switch between opened 
windows, however my work around for this has been to access the 
launcher, and switch that way.  With all this being said, I am 
definitely impressed with how Ubuntu 12.04 is shaping up.  My system is 
mostly usable with Unity 2d, although I will definitely be happy when 
U3d has the same level of accessibility.  It'll come though, keep up the 
good work.



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