(In)Accessibility of Unity in current Precise

Boris Dušek dusek at brailcom.org
Tue Mar 6 10:39:06 UTC 2012


my colleague is using current Precise with Orca and Unity 2D and is
encountering the following problems:

1. In 2D, if you open the menu using Alt+letter (e.g. Alt+S for "&Soubor" in Czech,
   could be Alt+F for "&File" in English), it does not announce menu item names
   when navigating left/right and up/down.
2. In 3D, neither Dash (Alt+F2) nor Launcher (Alt+F1) are accessible (you can
   navigate them, but no speech)

Luke mentioned for some of these problems that "patch exists" or is even
coming some time ago (approx. half of February), but the problems above still persist.

Can I find some of those patches anywhere so that I can make a patched version of Unity?
Or better, are those patches coming in some updated unity package for Precise?

Thanks and best regards,
Boris Dušek

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