HUD in 12.04?

Robert cole rkcole72984 at
Tue Jan 24 23:28:49 UTC 2012

Thanks for the link, Bruno.

I am downloading a daily build of the Precise live CD right now. Should 
I use the daily build or should I get something else?

I don't have a physical machine dedicated to testing, so do you think 
that things would work just as well in a VirtualBox Guest? At this time 
that is my only option, so I hope that I can help with testing.

Thanks again for the link.

Take care.

On 01/24/2012 03:13 PM, Bruno Girin wrote:
> On 24/01/12 23:02, Robert cole wrote:
>> This is really neat. I am really looking forward to testing it out in 
>> the near future.
> Funny you should say that because here are the details of how we can 
> help with testing:
> I will certainly upgrade to Precise at the week-end in order to test 
> HUD and the more people do it, the more likely it is to be a great 
> feature in Precise.
> Cheers,
> Bruno

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