HUD in 12.04?

Alan Bell alanbell at
Tue Jan 24 22:21:30 UTC 2012

On 24/01/12 20:48, Dave Hunt wrote:
> After reading this post, I have no idea what the HUD will look like or 
> how an eyes-free user will use it.
> Cheers,
> Dave  Hunt
within seconds of it being announced I had spoken to one of the lead 
developers about it, in fact here is an edited (as in removed other 
lines and this went across two IRC channels) transcript

14:08 < gord> *cough* *cough*
14:09 < gord> such a bad *cough* today - *splutter*
14:09  * AlanBell prepares to slap gord if it doesn't work with orca
14:09 < AlanBell> but it does look pretty
14:10 < gord> i may have completely forgotten about orca ;) i'll make 
sure its fixed and talk to the qa guys about integrating orca into the tests
14:10  * AlanBell gets out a haddock and slaps gord round the face with it
14:11 < AlanBell> it looks like a great idea gord, I can see this being 
quite popular
14:12 < davmor2> AlanBell, gord: I can see people who hate unity crying 
into hankies now, me on the other hand I think it's cool :)
14:16 < AlanBell> gord: so when is it landing in precise?
14:16 < gord> AlanBell, next unity release is next week, so if 
everything goes well, then
16:43  * AlanBell tries HUD with Orca
16:47 < AlanBell> hmm, can't see any of unity with orca right now :(
16:51 < AlanBell> gord: ok, I restarted and orca reads unity now
16:52 < AlanBell> I get "HUD frame" and it can read the content of the 
field you type in
16:52 < AlanBell> gord: but it does not read the items in the list below 
the field you can navigate to and flat review mode doesn't work there either
16:54 < gord> AlanBell, yeah I need to do some work there

and in possibly related news I spoke to some of the QA people doing 
automated testing of Unity2d today and explained how to set up a dummy 
speech dispatcher module that outputs text to a file instead of making 
sounds so they can do automated testing of the output of what Orca would 
say. They can test the accessibility strings on individual widgets 
already, but I want them to do testing of the final output so that they 
can see when orca is producing a jumble of words when navigating about 
the desktop.


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