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Dear All

I have been using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS since it was released and have found
it to be the best desktop user interface in existence. It is rich in
functions and features for both novice and expert users. I believe the
Ubuntu 10.04 accessibility and human interface is 1st class for every
type of user. Listings of all applications are easily accessed from the
top menu / launcher bar. And application icons can be added or removed
just as easily. The whole system is very easy to customise

However, I have recently installed version 11.10 and have been very
disappointed with the inability to quickly access the range of
applications without having to go through the layers of options from the
menu bar. I have not yet found any way to customise the side menu /
launcher bar in order that I can add my frequently used application or
utilities icons and remove less frequently used applications.  I am
finding version 11.10 extremely frustrating and difficult to use and

I have recently recommended Ubuntu to friends who were thinking of
purchasing new desktop and laptops. Being curious I thought I ought to
try Ubuntu 11.10 to ensure I provide support to them if they wanted to
try it. I am now very concerned about my recommendation and can only
point them to using version 10.04 LTS until 2013 when the next LTS
version is released.

To improve and compete with other commercial systems I believe is right.
However, to incorporate an awkward layered look and feel for accessing
user applications and system utilities, I think is likely to seriously
impact the take up and use of Ubuntu. 

I therefore, implore the Ubuntu design authorities to seriously review
the accessibility and human factors aspects of the next LTS version in
relation to the above comments. I am fearful that the next Ubuntu LTS
version could fall into the same inaccessibility and poor human factors
trap that other (non-mentionable) commercial operating systems have

Having found Ubuntu I want to keep using it. Please enable me to do so
and continue to promulgate its useful attributes and benefits to others.
In the meantime I have stopped using version 11.10 and reverted back to
version 10.04.

Best Regards
Len Watts

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