Installing Ubuntu via Wubi and getting Orca up and running automatically

chris hallsworth christopherh40 at
Fri Feb 24 12:57:25 UTC 2012

Hello all.
First post to this list after being on here for a few days. I have 
joined as I want to get back into the world of Ubuntu. I am a former 
computer studies student, obtained a certificate as a result, so should 
be smart enough smiles.
Because I don't wish to use Ubuntu full time, I would rather install it 
in some safe environment, like via Wubi, the Ubuntu installer program 
for Windows. Now, I sort of have this to work, by choosing Braille in 
the accessibility part of the installer. However, when I reboot, I am 
asked to select a Braille display connection, like USB. Since I do not 
have one, do I choose exit and if so will Orca still come up 
automatically, both before and after log in?
I realize there is Vinux, but there is no real safe way to install, 
except in a virtual environment. This is good, however it is sometimes 
nice to try things on a physical set up, due to native hardware support, 
improved performance, etc.
Thank you in advance for any enquiries. It will be greatly appreciated.

Christopher H

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