If Orca running after I choose in Ubuntu Precise installer the manual partitioning, Ubiquity is crash

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Thu Feb 23 11:02:44 UTC 2012


If I try installing Precise with access=v3 parameter and Orca running, 
after I choosed the manual partitioning and click continue button, 
Ubiquity GTK installer is crash.
My sighted friends says me this problem not happening wen he's not using 
Orca during installation.
This problem is an at-spi2-core, or a Gtk3 bug?
Already reported this issue?
Reproducation steps:
1. When you booting Precise live CD, press CTRL+S keystroke after you 
hear drum sound.
2.C lick install Ubuntu button until you not see the install type radio 
3. Choose manual partitioning, and click continue button. After you doed 
this, Ubiquity will be crash.


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