menu accessibility seems broken

Guy Schlosser guyster104 at
Sun Feb 19 06:52:04 UTC 2012

Hi all, what happened to the menus in precise?  I downloaded my software 
updates earlier, and after reboot, I cannot get orca to read any of the 
menus in programs such as Libreoffice, Pidgin and Firefox.  Furthermore, 
none of the keyboard shortcuts, such as alt+f4, and alt+space are 
working.  These are especially important ones, because they perform 
certain tasks as minimizing and closing windows.  Is this a known bug?  
Is there a current work around?  Any help or input would be greatly 
appreciated.  This machine is running precise, with all latest updates, 
and I am logged into Unity 2d.  As always, thanks in advance.


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