Mythspeech - mythtv for blind/visually impaired

Robert Cole rkcole72984 at
Fri Dec 28 01:11:56 UTC 2012

Hello, Helen.

This would probably be off-topic for the Orca list, but the 
AccessibleFreedom Support list may be a good place to start. Here is the 
Info Page for this list:

I hope that this is helpful to you.

On 12/23/2012 11:11 AM, faginbagin wrote:
> I would love to know if there's one mailing list that would allow me 
> to reach the widest audience. I don't know if I'm up to joining ten 
> different lists.
> For what it's worth, last night, Ron Whyte (aka Fudge) set up an IRC 
> channel, #MythSpeech, on I'm there now and expect to 
> be whenever I'm online, so maybe that's a good place to direct people 
> interested in this subject?
> Regards,
> Helen
> On 12/23/2012 03:15 AM, B. Henry wrote:
>> The problem, with these older releases is that the later orca 
>> releases only run on unity, and I think really only 12.04 and to a 
>> point 11.10 work well enough to be viable. The reason then later orca 
>> versions are needed are so that some QT support is available.
>> I know nothing about the details of what QT programs work and which 
>> don't. GTK+ is pretty much what Orca worked with until about a year ago.
>> I'll post your original post as well as these replies to a couple 
>> other lists and perhaps get up more interest.
>> I'm going to sleep right now, but I'll get off a few e-mails tomorrow.
>> The Vinux list is an especially good place as there are over 300 
>> blind and low vision subscribers, and while many are mixed OS-users, 
>> others like myself use Linux as their primary or only OS.
>> Vinux is basically just Ubuntu with some special tweaks, some 
>> settings preconfigured to be more speech and magnifier friendly and 
>> some extra scripts and different software choices again to make 
>> things work as well out of the box for blind and low vision folk.
>> Then there's a private list for some blind Linux students and another 
>> small googlegroup/mailing list for folks interested in open-source 
>> and accessibility.
>> Hopefully between these lists and my twitter and facebook contacts I 
>> can find some other interested people.
>> Thanks again, and I will be in touch.
>> On 12/22/2012 05:18 PM, faginbagin wrote:
>>> Hi B.H.  (an anyone else using an older distribution)
>>> If there's interest, I can see what it would take to get mythspeech 
>>> working on 10.04. As it happens, my "production" MythTV environment 
>>> consists of machines running 10.04 and 10.10 (for TV tuners that 
>>> needed a newer kernel), with MythTV 0.23.
>>> Regards,
>>> Helen
>>> P.S. Time to sign off until tomorrow.
>>> On 12/22/2012 05:13 PM, B. Henry wrote:
>>>> does this software have a CLI, or is this only interacted with via 
>>>> the qt interface?
>>>> I am a native English speaker, but speak more Spanish than English 
>>>> these days, for some years now, so perhaps I could be of some 
>>>> assistance.
>>>> I don't currently have a version of Ubuntu that allows the use of 
>>>> the latest Orca and thus QT however. This will be changing soon, 
>>>> but for now I'm using a combination of 10.04 and 11.04 and xdesktop 
>>>> orca.
>>>> Sounds very interesting, and I'll for sure be giving this a try 
>>>> when possible.
>>>> -- 
>>>> Regards,
>>>> B.H.
>>>> On 12/22/2012 03:45 PM, faginbagin wrote:
>>>>> I'd like to announce Mythspeech, which makes it easier for the 
>>>>> blind and/or visually impaired to use MythTV, an open source DVR 
>>>>> (digital video recorder).
>>>>> Information about MythTV can be found here:
>>>>> It is supported by Ubuntu and there is a Ubuntu based distribution 
>>>>> customized specifically for MythTV, Mythbuntu: 
>>>>> More details about Mythspeech can be found here: 
>>>>> Mythspeech is not a perfect solution, but I'm told by one user:
>>>>> "Maria is VERY happy with her talking MythTV, and it has made her 
>>>>> life so much easier!"
>>>>> How imperfect is the current implementation of mythspeech? One 
>>>>> glaring example is that it cannot help with the initial setup and 
>>>>> configuration of MythTV. I think you will need some vision or a 
>>>>> friend or family member who can help with this step.
>>>>> I would very much like to talk to developers with experience in 
>>>>> accessibility. The current implementation of Mythspeech builds on 
>>>>> MythTV's support for LCD displays and uses speech-dispatcher's 
>>>>> API, but I'm thinking a better long term approach might be to 
>>>>> implement Qt's accessibility classes. MythTV is a Qt application, 
>>>>> but it does not use Qt widgets.
>>>>> I would also like to know if there are interested users whose 
>>>>> first language is not English. MythTV has been translated into 
>>>>> many languages, and mythspeech should be able to speak in those 
>>>>> languages, if they are supported by speech-dispatcher. But there 
>>>>> are some things that could be improved if there is interest.
>>>>> Of course, I welcome any and all feedback, bug reports, etc.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Helen

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