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B. Henry burt1iband at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 20:13:05 UTC 2012

Well, I am pretty sure at least once one or more of the changes that 
would be likely to break accessibility were brought up, but this could 
be a synthesized memory as I read about Ubuntu from a variety of 
Of course this would not mean that things would be completely 
inaccessible, but...

(Rest of reply is mixed in the quoted material)

On 12/21/2012 11:00 PM, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
> On 21/12/12 22:02, Andy B. wrote:
>> Subject: Re: Ringtail accessibility
>>      On 12/21/2012 02:38 PM, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
>>> What is happening is that accessibility will be broken in releases
>>> until 14.04. I thought that was an answer to whether or not it is
>>> expected to work in any release until then.
> I don't think anyone ever said that accessibility will be broken in
> releases between 12.04 and 14.04. Canonical is focusing their
> accessibility efforts on the LTS releases, since there are so few
> resources available to work on accessibility. This doesn't mean that the
> interim releases will be broken or won't be accessible. It just means
> that the effort is to ensure that the LTS releases will have the best
> accessibility experience. Ubuntu is open source, and anyone can
> contribute to it, so there's always a chance that with more resources,
> the interim releases could get more attention with respect to accessibility.
>> Fair enough, but it works more or less fine in 12.10 contrary to official
>> expectations, so I thought the same might be true of 13.04.

Please do not email me separately, I am on the mailing list, which is
how I saw your email in the first place.

>> My intent was not to email you separately, this list's default reply-to
>> functionality just happens to work differently than 99% of the mailing
>> lists to which I am currently subscribed. As such, I often reply rather
>> than reply-to-list, which I think is the common expectation for someone
>> conducting a list discussion and wanting to continue it on same.
>> Even more problematic for Outlook users since there is no such thing as a
>> reply to list feature, and reply to all just adds everyone's email address
>> in the thread to the to field.
> I'm not sure what lists y'all are on, but half of the lists I'm on
> behave this way, so I always use the reply to list or reply to all
> feature in my email client.

Well, I've managed to ween myself off of all but a few lists and things 
may have changed on average over the last couple of years: but, This 
list's interaction with email clients re replies is not something I have 
encountered often.

>   The reply to all option in my email client
> generally just includes the list address and the originator so it's easy
> enough to delete the originators address.

> IMHO, it's the responsibility of the poster to know how their email
> client works and how the list is set up.


Agreed, but it's easy to forget what for some is a non-standard behavior, or forget to check if a first time poster.
I went back and reposted a reply to a list, maybe this one, recently, wouldn't do so most likely if I felt the msg was not of much interest to the group. (Very subjective of course.)
Wow, just to show how easy it can be to not reply as one normally would: even knowing how this group works/having known so for quite some time, and even after having just read/replied to this conversation, I _almost sent this reply to Christopher and not to the list right now!

B. Henry

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