Ringtail accessibility

Nolan Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Fri Dec 21 17:24:27 UTC 2012

Normally I'd stay away from development releases, but apparently the 
newest Orca requires Python 3.3, and I'm experiencing some issues in the 
Orca shipped with 12.10 that make it difficult to use (it doesn't seem 
to respond to the command line option that's supposed to kill it, hangs 
fairly regularly, and I occasionally get stuck in states where I can't 
navigate websites with arrows nor do keystrokes interrupt speech.) I 
know that at least the kill thing is probably resolved in Git master, 
but I'm wondering about the others.

So I'm wondering about 13.04. Since many features aren't being 
publicized, are the 13.04 builds more accessibly stable than they'd be 
were Unity and other components undergoing massive churn? Has anyone 
experimented with this?

What is the most accessible way to boot a virtualized desktop? Vbox is 
QT, and while I know there is a command line interface, I'd really like 
an easier and more accessible option for booting a Ubuntu desktop that 
doesn't involve configuring a VM from scratch via the command line.


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