Ubuntu 11.10, Unity, and Compiz eZoom

Piñeiro apinheiro at igalia.com
Fri Sep 30 09:56:17 UTC 2011

On 09/29/2011 06:57 PM, Robert Cole wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> I do not have a test machine here at home, so I am not able to try
> this for myself as I would like to.
> In Ubuntu 11.04, the Compiz eZoom plugin would only zoom in to the
> desktop, but the Unity dashboard/dock would not change; they would
> stay zoomed out. Does anyone know if this has changed in Ubuntu 11.10,
> as I would really like to upgrade to it when ti is released. But I do
> not want to do the upgrade if it will not be accessible to me.
> Thanks for any input heer. It will be much appreciated.
I didn't test it, but unfortunately, the bug opened at launchpad is
still open:


Anyway, take into account that although Unity is the default desktop,
AFAIK, you still can choose the old GNOME desktop, like in Natty (11.04).

PS: Importance on that bug is still "Undecided". Probably it would be
good to add some comments on the bug to comment that the priority should
be properly set.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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