What happened with Ubiquity installer accessibility and localization?

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Tue Sep 27 04:37:47 UTC 2011


Mackenzie, thank you the commit for bug 781385.
Alan, I looked your other linked bug report with localization related. 
Can you possible write an example to how can possible testing you 
founded bug with hungarian language environment?
In hungarian language environment all localized installer texts are Orca 
proper spokening, I experienced only this type GTK vidget variable names 
related issues prewious, with are will be resolving Mackenzie committed 
Enough if I booting a full updated custom live CD if the Gfxboot logo is 
enabled, and navigate the language list with for example the Français 
Unfortunately, I doesn't talk Français, but if you write now what 
happening (for example Orca not spokening full the Français language 
independent the used speech sinth or for example the used Espeak voice), 
and what need happening if the bug is fixed, I welcome confirming your 
bug report.


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