What happened with Ubiquity installer accessibility and localization?

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Mon Sep 26 06:44:07 UTC 2011


I looked prewious week with Oneiric Ubiquity installer when I using Orca.
For example, with manual partitioner Orca wonderful spokened the 
filesystem combo box with hungarian translated filesystem types, thank 
you very mutch the fix.
When I experienced this positive result, I need installing my custom 
live CD with Orca master version, because Orca 3.1.91 version producing 
lot of unicode decode and encode traceback error messages with hungarian 
locale, see this bug with partialy fixed:

I not looked yet Ubiquity installer with Orca 3.1.92 packaged version, 
of course this version containing too already the unicode decode and 
encode related committed fixes.
If I remember right, when I looked Ubiquity installer with last week, 
Ubiquity GTK installer passed Orca with variable names for some Entryes, 
radio buttons, check boxes and buttons. for Orca.
This type problem is already reported, or another non english locale 
users experienced similar issues?
Possible fix entire this type problem before final Oneiric release, or 
need scheduling this problem fix with next Ubuntu LTS release 
development cicle?

An absolute sure reproducation if you booting with Oneiric daily or 
beta2 live CD. When your screen presenting with Ubiquity main screen, 
you need press CTRL+S keystroke. After Orca screen reader started, 
switch back with Ubiquity installer, choose your wanted using language 
and tabbing for example with Try Ubuntu button. I hear "Try_ubuntu 
button button" button label.
The first "try_ubuntu_button" label part I think the real variable name 
with this control, the second "button" part is the rolename with Orca 


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