What happened with Orca in Oneiric

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmeljanusz at seznam.cz
Sat Sep 24 08:11:10 UTC 2011

I have not been patient and i have tried to install Yesterdays daily 
build and i did not able to hear Orca after installation and when triing 
to run Orca from one of The virtual consoles, ihave got error message 
related to The fact, that some environment variable not set.
But in live mode everythink worked fine, installer also, there was only 
complex issue for solving, that even when installation have been 
finished and installer did not do nothink complex, tasks which are 
comsuming extra of system resources, Espeak have spoken to me very 
cutterefed, it looks to me, that some threads of installers are blocking 
Pulseaudio or other subprocess of speech-dispatcher.
Because of complexity of programmers relation ships between Python 
application Ubiquity and Orca, which is also written in Python, It seems 
to me, that The best would be to add new simple code to The Python 
Ubiquity installer, which will be able to generate some beep when every 
1 procento will be increase in The installers proggress bar, and that it 
will be very safe to block at-spi calls by Orca while installing The system.
Because manipulation with Orca flat rewieving algorithms while 
installing have been caused me The crash of installer even in previous 
official release of Ubuntu, i did not used Vinux remaster.
Because it is very complex to create other modiffication of Espeak, 
which would be compatible with Gnomespeech library, so Ubuntu would 
contain Two Espeak.
One would be nonvisible, compatible with Gnomespeech services, i mean by 
The word invisible, that this release of Espeak would be totally 
invisible by The debian packaging management system and second Espeak 
would be The version specially modified to be compatible with 
speech-dispatcher and Pulseaudio.
I will experiment with Installer of previous release when Gnomespeech 
services will be used instead of speech-dispatcher.

But bšefore constructing may be nonsenses, i will try The Beta2 build, 
which is now awailable.
I will also Try to play with The Gnopernicus source code while using 
older Ubuntu release, it would be interesting to repair The bug which is 
causing Gnopernicus crash while Espeak is speaking and user is pressing 
next key, which is causing Gnopernicus to send other string to The 
Gnomespeech services.
I AM afraid, that The future of The solution, which will prevent screen 
readers from randomly crashing while using complex Python applications 
will be The new Screen reader written completely in C language.
This is only my phylosophical thinkink, i love Orca and i do not have 
nothink apposite it's ammazing algorithms, but i AM only triing to find 
The solution.
Thank You very much, MR Yelavich for Yours complex programmers work 
related to The accessibility with Orca.

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