I experience very positive results with new QT Accessibility Bridge related with Skype

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at nokia.com
Fri Sep 23 10:52:22 UTC 2011

Hi Attila,

thanks for your report, this is really encouraging me to keep working on the 

The problem with lists that you report should hopefully be fixed in the next Qt 
version (4.8.0) where the handling of lists and tables is rewritten. I still 
expect some troubles with trees.


Friday 23. September 2011 09.04.43 skrev ext Hammer Attila :
> Hy,
> I sending this letter both this list and Orca list.
> I looked how works new QT accessibility bridge for example with Skype,
> and I experienced very positive results and good progress, thank you
> everybody hard work with working QT accessibility. I using Orca Screen
> reader, and don't have sighted assistance when I tested Skype with the
> new QT accessibility bridge, so if I determining wrong a Skype dialog
> control or test result, excuse me everybody.
> First, I installed with Canonical Oneiric partner repository awailable
> Skype package (2.2.0-35-0-Oneiric1) my Oneiric testing system.
> Because this version unfortunately now crashed when I try log in, I
> installed the Natty partner repository awailable Skype package version.
> Unfortunately, when I try reporting the Oneiric version produced crash
> (core is created), Apport says this package is not original package.
> Look what happened if I start the Natty awailable Skype version.
> First, presenting the login screen, with I see a combo box, an edit box,
> a checkbox, an unlabelled button and a sign in button, Orca wonderful
> read every control label with login dialog. The combobox control real
> possible writing my Skype username, Backspace delete echoing now yet not
> working, but this is now not matter.
> After I logged in succesfuly, I see my contacts I think with a table
> when I tabbed the contacts area. Orca default table reading preference
> (row reading) doesn't spokening right yet the actual highligted contact
> name, so I turn table reading with actual cell. After this, Orca
> wonderful spokening highlighted contact and presenting braille the
> highlighted contacts related informations.
> Every selected contact related task possible choose if I activating
> context menue with general method.
> I experienced a very interesting problem when I try make a call with a
> selected contact:
> First, I verify Orca where am I command what the selected contact with I
> would like call. Because Orca tells me the contact is correct, I choosed
> the context menue with start call menu item. I don't no why, but Skype I
> think want call an other contact, or Orca spokening different contact
> name with Skype want calling, I am not full sure this result without
> sighted assistance. I using only Up or Down arrow keys when selected a
> want calling contact.
> Temporary workaround I possible call wanted contact if I press my
> contact name beginning letter, and after this I choosed the start cal
> menu item with the context menue.
> If anybody want customizing Skype related preferences, this is possible
> if tabbing the Main Menu button, and activating the SPACE key. In Skype
> the general F10 main menu opening key command doesn't working. In main
> menu need choosing Options menu item.
> In options dialog the preference sections possible accessible if anybody
> using UP or DOWN arrow keys. Have some combo boxes the options dialog
> with Orca not possible provide accessibility informations yet.
> I possible full customize my important Skype settings, possible doing a
> test call to verify my microphone to work, etc.
> Now, entire Skype window Orca flat review commands doesn't provide
> informations, possible this problem is will be not happening with other
> QT toolkit based applications.
> If anybody want customizing with Orca related preferences for Skype with
> Orca application-settings preference dialog, this is possible, but Orca
> will create a None.py file in the .local/share/orca/app-settings
> directory. This is happening I think because Skype doesn't provide
> appname related information for Orca. .
> So, my experiences is very positive. I newer see for Skype for Linux UI
> interface, and very wayt this time when possible using Skype only with
> Orca without extra plugins for example with Pidgin. If this type
> problems possible fixing with next LTS release, we don't need for
> example with Skype4pidgin plugin to access Skype contacts and making
> Skype calls.
> I would like thank you all developers hard work with contributing this
> new accessible bridge development.
> Hopefuly my test results help the developers work with future,
> Attila

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