well I'm making progress ... sort of

Guy Schlosser guyster104 at att.net
Mon Sep 19 20:40:43 UTC 2011

Hi all, I know I have written before about inability to use orca on 
Ubuntu Oneiric, and I know it is probably being heavily worked on.  I am 
making a little progress though.  When in Unity 2d, I can now browse the 
launcher and dash with Orca.  Glad to see the dash actually speaking, 
and love how Orca now says what's running and not.  Only problem is, 
when I launch something like Firefox, gnome-terminal or a libreoffice 
program, I do not have access to that application.  Is there something 
in my system that may be wrong?  If so, any help would be greatly 
appreciated to figure out what it may be.  If not, I'll just keep 
installing the updates as they come in, and hopefully some day, we will 
have lift-off.  Thanks much in advance for any tips or suggestions, and 
keep up the good work.

P.S. When I am in unity 3d, I still do not have access to launcher or 
dash with Orca.

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