starting orca on oneiric

Hammer Attila hammera at
Wed Sep 14 04:57:57 UTC 2011


Luke, own purpose I tryed customize an oldest Oneiric live CD (date is 
I setted the active session with gnome-fallback session after I 
installed gnome-session-fallback package.
Accessibility related configurations is proper setted when live CD is 
booted, because I putted required config directoryes and files with 
/etc/skel folder.
The desktop is launched properly, but Orca 3.1.91 version can't start.
In GNOME Terminal I see following error message:
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gail"

** (orca:3714): WARNING **: Invalid object type create

/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/ Warning: cannot 
register existing type `EventType'
   wrapper = enum_register_new_gtype_and_add(info)

** (orca:3714): CRITICAL **: pyg_enum_add: assertion `typename != NULL' 
Cannot start Orca because it cannot connect
to the Desktop.  Please make sure the DISPLAY
environment variable has been set.
ubuntu at ubuntu:~$

Why can not possible connecting Orca with the desktop? Why not setting 
automaticaly with the DISPLAY environment with :0.0 variable?
If I remember right, oldest releases this environment automaticaly setted.

I not looked yet the latest available daily live CD, now downloading the 
latest iso.


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