Accessibility of the Ubuntu Software Center in Oneiric Ocelot

Gregory Lopez glpzstl at
Thu Nov 24 00:34:33 UTC 2011


I’m having issues with the Ubuntu Software Center in Oneiric Ocelot when it comes to accessibility with Orca. It seems that only parts of the app are accessible, while other parts fail miserably. The best example I can give is trying to search for an app to install... It causes my system to lock up and become unresponsive for quite a while, with no speech, and I have to bang on the Alt-F4 combo to force the app to shut down and get speech back. What I am wondering is if there’s a more accessible version of the Software Center, say for example, the one from the Vinux distro (which is fully usable) that I can replace this rather disappointing version with, or is there another app like it that I can use to search and install apps with?

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