Persona writing sprint this weekend 12th and 13th November

Alan Bell alanbell at
Thu Nov 10 16:00:58 UTC 2011

On 10/11/11 15:11, Hugh Sasse wrote:
> OK, added a couple of things.  I don't have a CCTV magnifier at home, and
> I don't use a web cam, so maybe someone can add something about:
>     Can present day CCTVs input to computers pretty much as standard?
>     Can you use Web cams (maybe with photography macro adaptors) as CCTV
>     magnifiers?
> With Image Magick, etc that might be a good use case for Simon.
what is the CCTV for? Is this a security camera of some kind?
> OK, so it's a good enough model of visual impairment, until we need something
> better. That's a sensible engineering decision.  I was concerned that the
> experience of RP will be quite different from Macula Degeneration etc.
it probably would  be, but I am guessing the options we can provide on 
the computer for assistance are pretty much the same, magnification, 
speech or audio cues and tweaks to colours and contrasts.
> I would like to raise the flag for a deafblind persona, though.  In
> the UK, for example, there are about 24,000 deafblind people, but
> they so often seem to be batted like tennis balls between the
> organizations of/for [dD]eaf people and those of/for blind people,
> but the solutions offered usually rely on having the other sense
> intact.  There are widely varying stats for the USA
>          Thank you,
>          Hugh
totally agree, but I am not sure what we can do from an Ubuntu desktop 
perspective, to use a computer a deafblind person will require a braille 
output device (which is supported, but I don't have the hardware or 
skill to use it). In theory it would be the same as the blindness 
profile, but using braille rather than speech dispatcher. It would be 
massively hard to use the desktop that way, but probably not technically 
impossible. I am not sure there is much we can do to optimise the 
desktop for that persona which would be in any way different to the 
blindness profile.

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