Persona writing sprint this weekend 12th and 13th November

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Thu Nov 10 15:11:45 UTC 2011

On Thu, 10 Nov 2011, Alan Bell wrote:

> On 10/11/11 11:04, Hugh Sasse wrote:
> > I've forgotten what I need to do to get (re-)started on the Pad system.
> > It might be useful to have a link or two about that.
> basically go to the pad page in a graphical browser and start typing anywhere
> you want.

OK, added a couple of things.  I don't have a CCTV magnifier at home, and
I don't use a web cam, so maybe someone can add something about:

   Can present day CCTVs input to computers pretty much as standard?
   Can you use Web cams (maybe with photography macro adaptors) as CCTV

With Image Magick, etc that might be a good use case for Simon.

> > Will there be more than one VI persona?  Our needs are different, and
> > conflict!  There have been times when I've needed lots of light, and times
> > when I have been photophobic, just as an example. :-)
> in the plan we are separating blind from VI, but I am hoping we can get all
> the VI needs boiled down into one persona (given we already have Faisal who is
> colourblind). RP is a good
> choice as it is progressive, which means we can get various levels of VI in
> the one persona. We could do loads of persona documents and cover *everything*
> but I think it is a better choice to cover the needs of the Ubuntu target
> audience in a minimal set that the non-a11y specialist contributers to Ubuntu
> can understand. So the personas should represent all the Ubuntu users, but the
> target audience of our persona project is all developers and contributors, not
> just those working on stuff like zoom and screen readers.

OK, so it's a good enough model of visual impairment, until we need something
better. That's a sensible engineering decision.  I was concerned that the
experience of RP will be quite different from Macula Degeneration etc.
> > 
> > RP is an interesting choice because it does occur with deafness in
> > Usher Syndrome.

I would like to raise the flag for a deafblind persona, though.  In
the UK, for example, there are about 24,000 deafblind people, but
they so often seem to be batted like tennis balls between the
organizations of/for [dD]eaf people and those of/for blind people,
but the solutions offered usually rely on having the other sense
intact.  There are widely varying stats for the USA

        Thank you,

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