Persona writing sprint this weekend 12th and 13th November

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Thu Nov 10 11:04:43 UTC 2011

Thank you (all) for the work on this.

I've not been very active at all on this, but would like to contribute.
I've forgotten what I need to do to get (re-)started on the Pad system.
It might be useful to have a link or two about that.

Will there be more than one VI persona?  Our needs are different, and
conflict!  There have been times when I've needed lots of light, and times
when I have been photophobic, just as an example. :-)

RP is an interesting choice because it does occur with deafness in
Usher Syndrome.

I have things I'd like to see mentioned, but I don't want to write
them up if they would misrepresent the needs of someone with RP.  
For example:

   NS-WYSIWYG - Non-Strict WYSIWYG -- We Know the paper will be
   white but the screen white is *not* WYSIWYG because paper does
   not glow, reading a printed page is not like staring into a
   light bulb: allow me to reverse the colours or choose something
   else.  I never did convince Star Office devs of this.

   A Magnifier that works by warping the screen, so none of it is
   hidden.  The non-magnified parts are compressed, so you can still
   see where you are relatively.  Maybe the GPU and display drivers
   could be made to do this?

   And I'd like to be able to change the mouse to screen sized
   crosshairs like on the old Tektronix terminals, so you cannot
   lose the pointer.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  Well, that's 3 impossible
things before US breakfast time.


On Wed, 9 Nov 2011, Alan Bell wrote:

> Hi all,
> one of the actions from UDS was to crack on and get more of the persona
> documents out, these help us to communicate the need for accessibility
> considerations to be included in the design process. We have already published
> Faisal (fine motor control, pain and color blindness)
> and Daniela
> (fully blind)
> and we have
> outline plans for Simon (partially sighted), John (deaf) and Henrietta
> (cognitive and memory issues)
> I would like to propose we work together on the remaining personas we want to
> cover, starting with Simon as the next one to publish. Simon is visually
> impaired, but not completely blind, so will use a large monitor with screen
> magnifiers and high contrast settings rather than full time screen reader use.
> His vision might be getting worse over time, so he might be learning to use
> Orca, and might like some more audio cues from the desktop.
> We are using the following page to collaboratively draft the text
> and will be chatting in the
> #ubuntu-accessibility IRC channel. The personas are written to a rough
> framework of topics which match the personas used internally at Canonical by
> the design team, so we want to fit in with that, but present some more
> interesting design challenges.
> It would be great to get as many people involved as possible in the drafting
> and editing process, particularly those with knowledge of visual impairments.
> The personas should be accurate and informative, and at least as important,
> they should be interesting and nice people. I am not setting any particular
> time for working on this, but I imagine there will be people online and active
> throughout the day for Europe and USA
> Alan.
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