In Ubiquity GTK dialogs have lot of focusable labels with are not connected real widgets

Hammer Attila hammera at
Thu Nov 10 09:42:55 UTC 2011


I doed an uptodated Oneiric custom live CD, and installed my system.
Final Oneiric installer I found lot of dialogs with have focusable 
labels, with perhaps not real connected with the active widgets. With 
TAB key possible jumping this labels.
A typical example is the modify partition dialog if the user using 
manual partitioning, or giving user account related informations dialog.
In Precise possible little redesigning with labels usage for A11y 
related to prowide fastest screen reader handling the installer without 
losting visual lookup?
Some label widgets with associated a real widget not have mnemonic 
letter now, this is an another way to fasting installer handling if the 
user known already the widget keystroke.

I reported this problem with following bugreport, and wrote some 
examples and suggestions:

Now used method some time disturb the installer fastest handling with 
screen reader, because always need jumping this focusable labels before 
filling required informations. But in installer accessibility support 
are happened good changes already.

Future I would like working this fix if accepting this help for screen 
reader using fixes related, but I need some technical help before begin 
this task:
1. Real time when Ubiquity package is building executing any patch in 
debian/patches directory with affecting the UI files final presenting? 
So, the Ubiquity GTK dialogs related ui files is dinamicaly changing 
when the package building is happening in the repository or local machine?
2. Have an easyest testing method when I would like testing a dialog 
part in Ubiquity installer to verify my modifications with Orca screen 
reader usability without I need looking all installation screens and 
doing real installation?
When I doing a modification with proper UI file, I would like testing 
for example I real associated a label with proper widget, Orca right 
spokening the wanted information, etc.


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