Creating An Accessibility Specification for Lubuntu 11.10

Julien Lavergne gilir at
Sun May 29 20:57:53 UTC 2011

Le Sunday 29 May 2011 à 20:03 +0100, Alan Bell a écrit :
> not a roadmap as such, but I have started drafting a document on the 
> Ubuntu infrastructure for accessibility
> This will get transferred to the wiki at some point when it is nearly 
> complete and the most glaring errors have been fixed.
Thanks Alan for the help :)

> I don't know much about Lubuntu, only that it is based on something 
> called LXDE as a window manager and is targeted at really old
> computers. 
Let's say that LXDE is a GTK/GLib environnement, with very limited GNOME
depends :)

> Looking at it seems to be based on GTK, so I imagine just 
> installing gnome-orca will pull in speech dispatcher at-spi2 and
> espeak, 
> install onboard and you have an on-screen keyboard too. 
Thanks, it's a good start :) They doesn't seems to pull to much GNOME
depends, so we could consider it. However, I'm more concerned about the
changes needed on our programs, to make them accessible.

> Does it use 
> ubiquity for the installer? 

Julien Lavergne

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