Feedback about Ubuntu requested

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Wed May 25 02:41:30 UTC 2011

When your interaction with other Ubuntu users is entirely made up of
developers talking about bugs they need to fix and users seeking
support (IRC, forums, bug reports), your perspective changes.  It's
hard to get a good idea of the big picture.  What portion of users are
hitting problems in what areas?  How do users who've reported bugs
feel about the experience? How are the local community teams doing?
How's accessibility? That kind of stuff is hard to wrap your head
around without metrics.

To that end, a bunch of members of the Ubuntu community have worked
together to create a survey (that I really hope works nicely with
screenreaders) that'll help those of us working on
various parts of Ubuntu understand where we need to improve and how we
can do better.

If you have an opinion on Ubuntu, please take 5 minutes to fill out
the following Ubuntu User-Experience survey:

Thank you!
Mackenzie Morgan

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