General Ubiquity installer accessibility related question

Hammer Attila hammera at
Sun May 22 07:21:04 UTC 2011


For example when I installed an Ubuntu 10.04 release my netbook for 
Orca, my wife see an interesting think for partition editing dialog:
When I change a partition filesystem type, Orca spokening different 
filesystem type text, but the screen presenting a translated filesystem 
type text for hungarian language. I think hungarian language is 
translated some filesystem type texts, for example the swap partition 
filesystem type.
So, Orca some time spokening english named filesystem types.

Why happening this? This is an Ubiquity Orca script issue, or selected 
filesystem types get Orca with accessible names, and this filesystem 
types accessible names not marked for translation?
I very surprised when my wife says this information.


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